Facts About Casinos

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In the middle of gambling and money, you might not really think about casinos and how they originated. Apart from the introduction, there are various facts about casinos, that many don’t know about. So, to freshen your knowledge, here are some facts about casinos.

From Italy

The next time someone quizzes you about the origins of casinos, you need to tell them that it is Italy. The word ‘casino’ dates back to mid-18th century Italy, 1744. Although the exact origins of gambling might not be known, people believe that it all started at a house in Venice, Italy.

The Biggest Win

You might have seen the slot machine and thought about all your losses. But in reality, there were numerous people who won and the biggest win ever recorded was 40 million. On an average it is known that people have a ten per cent chance of winning, but 40 is extraordinary.

The Player

If you are a fan of football, then you might have heard of Teddy Sheringham. The professional footballer is also a professional poker player. Yes, that’s right. Teddy has won around $330,000 by playing poker, making him a star player. Soon after his retirement, he visited numerous poker tournaments and has been busy making money.

The Lose

Stories about winning are common when it comes to casinos and gambling. But you must also think about the various losses that people have faced. On that note, we are going to talk about Robert Maxwell and his adventures while playing roulette. Robert lost around £1.5 Million in a matter of 3 minutes. Surprised yet?

Eight Long Years

Poker tournaments last for a month or two, as the game requires patience and endurance. But can you imagine playing the game for around eight years? Well, that is precisely what happened in 1881 at a basement of a theatre in Arizona. The game lasted for eight years, five months and three days.

Gambling to the Rescue

FedEx is a well-known company that has listed various stories of success. But there was a bad time in history for the company, as things were about to go down. The founder Frederick Smith decided to fly to Vegas and gamble. That move turned out to be successful, as the company was eventually saved due to the funds that Frederick brought in through gambling.

Voluntary Ban

If you ever find yourself to be turning into an addict, then casinos have a solution for you. Casinos from numerous states allow you to ban yourself from playing or entering. So, if you find yourself in situations where you lose money, then all you have to do is have the courage to ban yourself. Fair enough?

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